CableCard Guide

If you’ve been shopping for an HDTV, you might want to check out Ars Technica’s CableCard guide. CableCard is the technology that allows televisions and other devices access cable tv without a cable box. The guide goes through the long history of CableCard and details out the questionable future that the technology has.

The long and short of is:

CableCard 1.0

  • One way communication (no pay per view)
  • Available now

CableCard 2.0

  • Two way communication (pay-per-view included)
  • Maybe available next year-ish


  • Two way communication via software
  • Available in 2007-8

The bottom line is if you can wait to buy that HDTV and can stand looking at your ugly cable box, you possibly, may be slightly better off. Sounds like a way to continue squeezing people for a cable box rental.


(Via eHomeUpgrade.)