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Moguls of New Media – WSJ

chadvader.jpgWSJ has a great profile of video and audio social media moguls. No surprises here, but Chad Vader sure was fun.

While I’m pretty familiar with the world of user created content, I hadn’t ventured into the world of user created games. Fancy Pants Adventure on AddictingGames is the rightful successor to the Super Mario side-scrolling crown. With simple, yet effective graphics and terrific physics (now those are two words I’ve never put together), it adds up to a truly addictive game.

Show me the money – well, this is the WSJ and nothing is more exciting than a hobby that pays. Apparently their pals over at have made over $30k for their Mentos-meets-Diet-Coke-meets-Bellagio video brilliance and their partnership with Revver.

forbidden.jpgTrashiest link – clearly Forbidden’s MySpace page takes that dubious distinction, with her not-work-safe mega ad for both her and her new line of jeans. This also serves as a good example of the kinds of ways that people are building businesses off of social media.

Great article and a great way to waste a Saturday afternoon.


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Hey, thanks for mentioning and games in general as a fertile territory for user-created media. Lots of original stuff coming from Flash game developers. .. We’re very happy to be developing this segment.

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