Building Community Social Media

Links for Thursday, September 21, 2006

socialtextlogo.jpgSocialText Wiki goes 2.0
And aims to solve the biggest problem of most wikis today, UI. SocialText 2.0 enables wysiwyg editing and improves the flow of default SocialText sites. To get their Web 2.0 on, they renamed their key word feature to “tagging.” WetPaint already has a great UI, but is aimed at the consumer market and doesn’t offer the extensive feature set many corporate users want.

FaceBook to sell to Yahoo!?
WSJ is reporting today that Facebook may be in talks to sell to Yahoo for $1bn. One has to question the dollar value of almost any social network due to the fickleness of their clientele, but despite recent problems, Facebook appears to be going strong on track to do $100mm in revenue this year.

Looking at Social Media Ecologies
Samuel Rose over at the SmartMobs blog “synthesizes” a great post about how social media works.