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Links for Tuesday, October 24, 2006 – Threadless Love

logo_10sale.gif7 reasons why Threadless rules
Funny, I was just ordering t-shirts today. Heather got me the subscription for my birthday, which totally rules. This site really is the model for community run websites. The product is created by the community, voted on by the community, modeled by the community, marketed by the community – it might make you wonder what the company actually does.

(of course this link is from 37 Signals… is there a Chicago conspiracy going on here?)

The Facebook lesson
A post on the Church of the Customer focuses on how Threadless handled a mishap on the site that could have been a total fiasco. They contrast that with Facebook’s stumble a few weeks ago. A great lesson in building online community.

Social Networking sites: you don’t own the commmunity
Biz Hack follows up the Church of the Customer post with some great insight here. “Intent counts more than technique,” is the quote that stuck with me. Threadless handled their mishap upfront and honestly, Facebook didn’t. It makes people love Threadless even more.

Threadless on Sale
Last, but not least, Threadless is having a sale until tomorrow, so stock up on new duds.

Support my Threadless habit by clicking the link and buying a shirt!