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Links for Thursday, October 26, 2006

Today is launch day!

Vox Launches
Six Apart’s “blogging for the rest of us” product launched today. [via MicroPersuasion]

Zillow opens API
Wanna put home valuations on your site? Looks like Zillow opened up their API to Joe User (or at least Joe User that knows what to do with APIs). Developers, start your mashups!

(One complaint, tho. I know that Safari is a backwater browser and all, but at least lemme see the frickin’ API page in it. There is no technical reason why you’ve locked Safari users out.)

2 replies on “Links for Thursday, October 26, 2006”

This is Bryan from Zillow and I wanted to explain our approach to Safari support; I’m currently writing this comment using a Mac and understand the frustration of no Safari support right now.

Although there is no technical reason that the “API page” cannot be displayed in Safari we decided that a better experience for our users was to delay Safari access until all pages worked properly rather than have some work and some not.

We’ve been working with Apple to ensure our site is capable of running in the next version of the browser (expected to be released with the next OS X release, codenamed “Leopard”).
Stay tuned for the release of the next version of Safari; I’m personally very excited for its release.

Bryan- Thanks for the update on this, but I still find this blanket Safari treatment as odd. You guys are pretty unique with this complete lockout.

I know Safari has issues with a number of dynamic, Web 2.0 web sites, especially when it comes to using the browser as a application front end, but most sites have a much more elegant deprecated version that works with Safari, rather than wholesale lockout from the site.

In any case, love the site and can’t wait for Apple to be more compliant with your site.

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