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Zune! Zune! Zune!


Ok, I’m not that excited, but it does seem to be shaping up to be a decent player.

Zune Interface Walkthrough Video
Our pals over at Engadget have been getting down with their new video software. Gotta say the interface looks pretty nice. They’ve definitely taken a page out of some of the best 10 ft interface world.

First Full Zune Review
Gizmodo’s got their take on the Zune.

Zune Insider Blog
Want a behind the scenes look at the Zune from the development team? Zune Insider give some insight into their process.


One reply on “Zune! Zune! Zune!”

Engadget’s walk through video is very good. It has good picrure quality and shows (almost) every aspect of the Zune menus. It can be used as a tutorial for Zune buyers.

Microsoft has to update fast its Wifi. It has to able to connect to a computer for syncing reasons with the PC’s software. Podcasting through Wifi also is a great idea.

Zune team seems to have understand this, so we expect soon firmware updates to be available. Share your Zune experience

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