Northern Voice 2009 in Pictures

This is the start of more photos being posted here on the blog. I’m taking lots of pictures and most of them just end up in my Flickr feed, but what fun is that?

Here are some of my favorites from Northern Voice 2009:

Nora Young - Northern Voice 2009

Nora Young

Eagranie Yuh - Northern Voice 2009

Eagranie Yuh

Kris Krug - Northern Voice 2009

Kris Krug

Northern Voice 2009-7

Dave Olson

Roland Tanglao - Northern Voice 2009

Roland Tanglao

Chris Heuer and Kim Cathers - Northern Voice 2009

Chris Heuer and Kim Cathers (not technically @Northern Voice)

Robert Scales - Northern Voice 2009

Robert Scales

More Northern Voice 2009 Pictures on Flickrh5

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2 Responses to “Northern Voice 2009 in Pictures”

  1. Eagranie says:

    Wow, I get second billing after Nora Young and before Kris Krug? I had no idea. I do agree that it’s a great photo. (I look so bad-ass!)

  2. Randy Stewart says:

    Glad you liked it. It’s one of my favorite pix from NV09.