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Canon PowerShot SD430 Wireless

Sd450Canon threw their hat into the WiFi camp today with their introduction of the SD430. This camera has virtually the same specs as the recently introduced SD450 but it is a half inch wider presumably due to the inclusion of WiFi.

Much like the Kodak EasyShare-one, this camera can connect to computers and printers wirelessly. Phil Askey of DPReview says that Wi-Fi in digital cameras is “a solution looking for a problem” and that when “when WiFi is enabled the small batteries in these compact cameras are likely to be sucked dry pretty quickly.”

Not sure that I feel that strongly, but currently, WiFi is an interesting curiosity at best.


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SqueezeBox III – Third times the charm?

I always thought that Slim Devices Squeezebox was cool. They were the first network MP3 player that had a digital output, their own server software that didn’t suck and it worked with iTunes. It was difficult to get past its looks, however. The first two versions had wonderful personality and were great dancers, but you didn’t want your friends to meet them.
Slim Devices fixed that by offering their Silicon Valley neighbors, Roku, the most sincere form of flattery.

The new Squeezebox has a little something for everyone. It plays a laundry list of audio formats(AAC, WMA, MP3, FLAC, Ogg), although no encrypted formats (sorry, binge iTMS users) For audio nerds, the 24-bit Burr-Brown DAC and digital outputs should float your boat. It’s both wired and wireless and you can keep several units in sync to play tunes all over your house/office/underground bunker.