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The Scobles’ 10 tips for a killer blog

At the Blog Business Summit this morning, Robert and Maryam Scoble give their 10 tips to a killer blog.

picture by respulveda

robert and maryam

  1. Blog cause you want to.
  2. Read other blogs. “This will make you an authority on the marketplace”
  3. Pick a niche you can own. Maryam – “Two types of bloggers some make things, break things, shake things up… others just want to talk to their friends.” Robert – “It’s a Google world”
  4. Link to other blogs.
  5. Admit mistakes.
  6. Write good headlines. “moving from subscribing to A listers to subscribing to Technorati link feeds.”
  7. Use other media. “blogging might be hard to be an A lister, but their may be no podcast” “use pictures”
  8. Have a voice.
  9. Get outside the blogosphere. “getting out and meeting people is important.
  10. Market yourself. Maryam – “oh, so its the business cards, not that you are happy to see me?”
  11. Write well. “use inverted pyramid, check grammar and spelling”
  12. Expose yourself.
  13. Help other people blog.
  14. Engage with commenters. “gets people to look at your blog”
  15. Keep your integrity

Ok, it’s more than 10, but it’s Scoble, so what are you gonna do?

[Dustin from Rain City Guide just posted his thoughts on the Scoble’s presentation]

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