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Mac blogger toolkit – Northern Voice 2007

CBC columnist and Mac geek, Tod Maffin ran another great session at Moosecamp around favorite productivity tools. Below are my favorites from the session.

  • ImageWell – Swiss Army knife for images (free)
  • Paparazzi – takes screenshots of full web pages.
  • TextExpander – condenses messages, phrases or code that you might reuse all the time into short keystrokes.
  • VoodooPad – wiki for your Mac. BEST NOTEPAD EVER!
  • Synergy – software for using one keyboard and mouse with two computers (and screens). Kind of like a KVM…
  • Hazel – best maid for cleaning up your Mac.
  • – test web designs on 31 different browser platforms.
  • QuickSilver – I’m hoping I’ll get this one day, but for now, I’ll point it out to all all of you

More tools

Audio of the session

image by Flickr user katiew

3 replies on “Mac blogger toolkit – Northern Voice 2007”

Hi Stew! Thanks for coming by my blog the other day.

So you still want Quicksilver, even after using TextExpander. I’ve heard the two are similar in terms of workflow expidition. Do you think you could use both simultaneously or are they mutually exclusive programs?

They work well together. I don’t use QS to its fullest, but I can’t recommend TextExpander highly enough. In some ways, I would equate TextExpander more with TextMate as it provides ways to type short commands/sentences and get a lot more out of that short bit.

Currently, I only use QS as an application launcher, not for the myriad of other things that one could use it for.

The best thing about both is that to do basic things, they both have small learning curves and quite a bit of room to grow.

Hope that helps.

Randy Stewart

browsershots seems like it’s not really suited to the power QA person that needs to see it soon and make changes often. If you’re really into it you should check out sitevista, resonably priced and there’s no communal qeue. Also take a look at snagit, very good software for web page screenshots and quick cropping.

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