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Theme Hacked

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Sad MacSo, a little while back my WordPress theme was hacked to serve up all sorts of awesomely terrible, hidden links to a number of sites that I normally wouldn’t link to. It took a little while to track down the source of the issue and once I did, it seemed the easiest thing to do was to remove the theme and start from scratch.

The blog looked the same for a really long time, so even going with the theme you see today, Twenty Twelve, (aka default) it feels fresh to me. I’ve made a deal with myself that I won’t poke around in the CSS or change the theme (ok, I set Helvetica as the default font) until I’ve posted at least 10 more posts. Maybe its fresh, new, uninspiring look will inspire me to spend a little more time blogging.

New Cards

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Ordered my new “personal” business cards last week from This time around I decided to go with a Stewtopia branded fruit flavor theme to match the stick of gum that these cards resemble.

Hopefully, they’ll arrive before Gnomedex this weekend.

stewtopia_moo_card_apple copystewtopia_moo_card_lime copystewtopia_moo_card_orange copystewtopia_moo_card_lemon copystewtopia_moo_card_brownie copystewtopia_moo_card_aqua copystewtopia_moo_card_blueberry

Under construction

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

God, it was everything in my power not to put an animated gif up. Instead, I leave you with a relic of the late 1990s.


I’m working on a redesign of Stewtopia based on Dean J Robinson’s Redoable template. Good stuff, but it’s taking a while to get everything up and running.

I hope to have this finished by early next week… I hope to actually blog again before then.