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Plaxo for the Mac – Loves yummy addresses

The short version – DO NOT USE PLAXO ON YOUR MAC!

The long version – Ok, I know that Plaxo is evil, but I really wanted another way than .Mac (which isn’t evil, merely incompetent) to backup my address book online.

I had never tried Plaxo when I was in the Windows world (like I needed one more thing to slow that lovely ThinkPad down) as I had heard the tales of spam that Plaxo had generated. It seemed that Plaxo had mended their evil ways and were not going to spam people any more. Apparently, now they just eat your data.

This morning I woke up to 99% of my entire address book gone.

Obliterated. Kaput. Tot. Dead.

This wasn’t the first time that there was a little problem with my address book and syncing, but I didn’t know the culprit before. I’m one of those neurotic folks that likes to have his data in many places, so the thought of something like Plaxo (or .Mac) backing up my data is very enticing, but after today I’m going to shut Plaxo down and cancel my account.

I’ve sent Plaxo two emails in the last month and even paid for the upgraded service to make sure that I would get help if I needed it. This morning, I chatted with a CSR from Plaxo and they informed me that my data would return within one hour.

Well, folks, it’s been a 3 hours… and I still have just 3 addresses in my address book.

[UPDATE: Looks like my post did some good. My address book is back (albeit with dupes, but hey, it’s back). Thanks Mark Jen and for Plaxo customer support for fixing this.

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[Update] Posting should work fine now. I think there was something wrong with the Ajaxy fanciness I had going on, so we are back to our old, faithful Stewtopia UI.


Wednesday’s Links

  • Engadget and the WSJ have the scoop on MusicGremlin’s Gremlin, a WiFi enabled portable WMA player. Just don’t feed it after midnight.
  • CinemaNow has added Fox movies and (old) tv shows to their lineup. The first season of 24 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer have been announced so far.
  • Google Browser Sync for Firefox keeps links, tabs and passwords synced on different machines. It’s a little slow, but it gets me closer to using Firefox full time.
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    April Fool’s Fun

    Hey everybody, just a reminder that today is April Fool’s Day, so be on the look out for unusual activity. Slashdot for example, is professing it’s true love for the color pink and ponies of all kinds.

    Check out for a canonical list of April Fool’s enabled sites.



    I’m back

    Looks like I have a lot to catch up on with Microsoft’s Origami unfolding, new Apple hardware and the iTMS “this isn’t a subscription” Multi-pass all launching while I was basking in the Big Island’s sunny rays.

    If you wanna catch up with what I’ve been up to in the last couple of weeks, check out my Flickr pix and my personal blog.


    Stewtopia Hiatus

    Hey all (both of you) – I’ll be on a vacation for a couple of weeks so posting will be at best very light and at worst not at all. Enjoy the Apple event on Tuesday… here’s to a Disney branded iPod that docks with Intel Mac Mini that has been built into a plasma tv.

    See you on the flip side….


    Google misses numbers

    I don’t normally talk about stock prices on the blog, but this one is of particular interest. Google missed their numbers by about 15% and their stock is trading at about 15% off of their closing price today. Tomorrow is going to be ugly for a lot of internet companies.


    Apple General

    Disney buys Pixar for 7.4bn

    Looks like the Disney/Pixar deal is done. The New York Times (reg required) is reporting that the agreement was met this afternoon.

    Oh, and sometimes, when I don’t have anything meaningful to say, I channel my inner 9 year old.



    Comments are open for business

    I’ve had some complaints from my audience (thanks both of you) that I needed to open up comments. Fortunately, this blog doesn’t get much traffic, so hopefully it won’t become comment spam bait.

    CES General HDTV PVRs Tivo

    Hot Damn! TiVo HD Lives!


    (Man, I get more and more sweary in my post titles the later that it gets. Maybe its the crappy wifi and crappier Muzak). Gotta check this out tomorrow, but apparently, TiVo is showing off their Series 3 CableCard 1 and 2.0 HD PVR at CES. According to megazone, this unit will have 6 tuners (2 NTSC, 2 ATSC, 2 CableCard). I’m sure they won’t all work simultaneously, but 2 should work. I hope this means I can chuck my Craptastic err… Comcastic box sometime soon. Unfortunately, TiVo has a bit of a reputation of showing off the vapor at CES, so no ship date or price.


    (Via Zatz Not Funny.)

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    Gift Guide Roundup

    Not sure what to get the nerd in your life? Here’s a pretty decent list of places to start.

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    Gifts (mostly) under $100 – Make Magazine
    Scientific American

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    Gamespy’s Holiday Gift Guide

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    Let me know if I’ve missed your favorite Holiday gift guide.