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Faulty digital camera chip widespread

The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that digital camera manufacturers are quietly offering to repair over 80 models of digital cameras from brands such as Sony, Canon, Nikon, and Olympus due to a malfunction in the CCD image sensor. The CCD used in these cameras has been found to fail in hot and humid conditions. Cameras affected by this problem will show “black images or distorted colors in the viewfinder or LCD display and in any print or digital output.” No recall has been issued, but customers with the problem can get their cameras repaired free of charge.

Imaging Resource had this story a few weeks back.

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4 replies on “Faulty digital camera chip widespread”

I bought Nikon Coolpix 5400 last year. I used it 2-3 time, a week ago I took it out of the closet to figured the LCD screen is dead dark. I tried taking pictures without using LCD but all the photos were just bunch of distorted colors. Just to mention Coolpix is also affected by the faulty CCD. I am not sure Nikon will honestly take reponsibilty of fiing it.

I also have a 5400 that worked fine just two weeks ago and now gives me dark and distorted images. Nikon support states it sounds like a CCD that is faulty but so far has not offered to cover the repair.

I to have a well cared for little used nikon 5400 a couple of weeks ago I took it out to use it but the images it produced were full of lines. I phoned nikon they said it sounded like a faulty CCD. They did not offer to repair it and insisted that they did not have any problems with this model.

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