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Textmate Halloween Icon

textmate halloween.jpg

Totally off-topic, but I got a nice little surprise after I updated TextMate today.

Instead of my normal TextMate icon, I got the image you see here. God, I love this program!

[Update from the comments]

Simon Dorfman Says:

“And if you open two or more files and once so you get the document side drawer, the page area has a spiderweb image instead of the textmate icon.”

Very cool! Thanks, Simon.

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And yet one more thing – with the update yesterday, we got this message –

[REMOVED] TextMate no longer pays tribute to human sacrifices, rape, nor does it show a picture of the God of the deaths in your dock — ticket 945BEB5D

I hope Allan is going to Macworld this year… would love to meet him.

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