Zillow – Make Me Move

Zillow unveils its latest feature tonight, Make Me Move.

The idea is pretty simple, set a price that you would be willing to sell your house for and wait for the offers to come in. Ok, this is a bit gimmicky, but fun nevertheless.

zillow make me move.jpg

Of course, this is a pretty good way to get people to give Zillow a little more info about your home.


But at least I can finally move my house down the hill where it belongs.


Moving is a pain in the butt, but we all have our price.

TechCrunch has more on Z’s other new features, the Real Estate Wiki and free listings for agents and sellers.

4 Responses to “Zillow – Make Me Move”

  1. Anita says:

    If anyone wants to “Make Me Move”, they’re welcome to do so … I put my home up this morning. Nice analysis Randy.

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