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How much for a Google ad?

Given Ziki’s marketing gimmick, I’m curious just how cheap it is to buy an ad for my name on Yahoo! or Google. I’ve never used either AdWords or Yahoo! Marketing Solutions personally, so it will be a fun way to see if I get any clickers. No fair clicking on my ad if you are reading this, but feel free to click on the Ziki one ;-)

I’ll let you know how it turns out in the next few days.

3 replies on “How much for a Google ad?”

Umm, you’re already the 1st, 2nd and 4th link on Google’s SERP, and yes you’re showing up as an ad too. So is your curiosity in seeing if people click on the ad versus your actual blog or linkedin profile?

BTW, there are only two ads showing in the Google SERP, so I’m sure the CPC rates are next to nothing. (no offense, mate!)

Also, is it really advertising if it’s your name, as opposed to your service/product?

My curiosity is how much they are spending to do this, rather than the actual traffic it creates. Personally, I think that the ad spend is going to be somewhat minimal compared to the notoriety the achieve as a result.

The ad is showing up now, but honestly, I’m also doing this in part because I’ve never personally gone through Google or Yahoo!’s ad system and it seems high time to do it.

At this point, I completely understand why Google is trouncing Yahoo! in the ad game. Besides having more searchers, Google’s product is more refined and easier to use than Yahoo!’s. And as a former Yahoo! guy myself, I hope they make it better.


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